Team & Talent Dynamics

The two biggest challenges that companies face today is in navigating the paths of both sustainability and growth.

Within Talent Dynamics, we see a company as a living system. In the same way that the health of a complex living structure like the human body can be reduced to the sustainability and growth of the many cells within the body, each sharing the same DNA, the health of a company can also be measured and transformed through these two components.

Within the Talent Dynamics Square, there are two opposites of how value is created. There are also two opposites of leverage.

Imagine growth like a river. The water in the river will always flow from high ground to low ground and always in that direction. The height differential will determine the speed of water flow at any one time. If you double the height of the river, you double the speed of water flow.

Similarly, money will always flow where there is a value differential, and always from high value to low value. If you double the value, you double the speed of creating wealth.

However, value on its own does not make the river. A river also needs width and that is leverage. Leverage is the width and depth of the river. Leverage determines the volume of money flow whatever the value. Even with the greatest value, if there is no leverage the volume of money flow will still be low.

Value is what creates the flow, and leverage is the driver of profitable growth, and comes from an understanding of how to always achieve more with less.

Within Talent Dynamics, growth is achieved through leverage, and leverage is measured through flow.

Every Talent Dynamics profile has a different area in which we provide flow to others, and in which we are most in danger of blocking flow. For example, a Creator will add flow to the creative process, but is the most likely to cause a block in the flow of timely execution.

Too often, teams and companies have paths of flow to get things done that are far from optimal, as they navigate around individuals or even entire departments that others have found to block flow. With Talent Dynamics, these paths can be unblocked and realigned with radical changes in efficiencies, productivity and measurable growth in revenue and profit.


The Power of Talent Dynamics

The principle behind this is that individuals, teams & companies are their best when they are in flow. Put simply, flow is your path of least resistance. Talent Dynamics provides an explicit path to building trust & flow. Here are the biggest benefits of this system: 


The coaching covers and is not specific to the following topics:


  • Find your Flow, reclaim your time
  • Clarify your natural path
  • Grow a high performing team
  • Accelerate your company’s financial success
  • Achieve your true potential


Why Choose us?

  • Internationally Accredited Business & Transformational Experts with a combination of 30 years of experience
  • Team Dynamics Profiling is used to determine you & your teams strengths & weaknesses
  • We enhance the natural talent of you, your organisation & your team to increase trust & flow

  • Increasing productivity of your team

  • Increasing productivity of your team
  • Reduce overheads & increase effectiveness