Know your Customer 

It’s the small things that could make or break a deal, remembering your customers birthday, their wedding anniversary, favorite sport, hobbies or interests.

Let your CRM remind you of these important details.


Maintain relationships 

Maintaining existing customers is just as important as creating new customers.


Create call-cycles for new and existing customers through CRM. Better understand your customers needs with target driven surveys.


Ask the right questions, at the right time

Your CRM software will guide your sales people through the sales cycle with proven sales methodology 


Mobile Connectivity 

Capture sales on the go – gone are the days of paper!

Easy to use mobile applications to capture your sales as and when they happen.



Know your competitors, what are their strengths and weaknesses, how do you get ahead? 

Gather important details on your competitors and assist your sales people in overcoming the “competitor objection” 


Meaningful, easy to consume, real time reporting. 

Reporting can we can easy as a click of a mouse, understand your sales pipelines with ready to use reporting.

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Sell smarter 

Lead Management 

Up-Sell existing Customers

Understanding your existing customers needs and maintaining a great relationship through CRM will result in increased sales with existing customers.


Social intelligence

Find out what buyers are really thinking with social media insights that reveals sentiment, identifies potential competitive threats, and helps sellers keep a pulse on market trends.

D365 Sales Dashboards




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Build relationships with authentic and personal engagement

Relationship sales

Customers have the internet at their fingertips, so what stops a customer from connecting to their PC to make their purchases instead of contacting you?


CRM provides you with tools to create, maintain and grow your relationship with your customer, because in today’s day and age it’s customer service that keeps that customer coming back for more…

Social engagement

Service Level Agreements

Communication personalization




Boost productivity and increase revenue 

Guided sales process


Create and manage advertising and marketing campaigns through CRM. Track revenue generated versus cost of campaigns 

Sales mobility

Sell anytime, anywhere—even offline. Work on the go with rich, modern mobile apps that provide contextual news, social data, and task flows for quickly completing frequent activities.

Sales effectiveness 

Create and manage sales targets through CRM, providing real-time sales tracking and pipeline data. CRM monitors results based on easy to use goal rules, that allows you to set the targets based on your companies individual requirements. 





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Increase sales performance throughout the entire sales cycle

Seller onboarding

Ease onboarding and align sales behavior with best practices by using business process management and interactive help and documentation.

Reports and dashboards

Display sales results

Display sales with web, mobile, and TV monitors showing real-time sales tracking as and when they happen.

Innovate with a modern, intelligent sales platform

Simple configuration

Easily adapt the application to suit your specific business processes. Configure once and deploy to multiple platforms with a common framework and responsive design.

Extensible platform

Seamlessly integrate additional business applications such as marketing and customer service—unifying systems and connecting teams to support your growing business.

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